When it comes to height safety solutions, rope access offers the safest method of access. Rope access is widely regarded for its excellent safety record when it comes to working from heights. At Max Access we work to the IRTA, the International Rope Access Trade Association standards. We have exceptional safety standards with our highly experienced technicians. We apply the maximum safety work methods when handling each project.


The International Rope Access Trade Association is in charge of setting out and regulating the training that our team works to. This type of training is carried out with high safety standards taken into consideration, so those who are qualified will understand the risks and regulations associated with working at heights. IRATA certifications are a requirement for all our rope technicians and are available on three different levels. Completing a higher standard requires a certain amount of time spent on the ropes, with the time being logged and signed by a qualified supervisor.

The Advantages Of Rope Access

One of the main advantages of using rope access methods is to do with its safety and the speed that it takes for our technicians to scale difficult locations in order to complete the work, with little or no impact on other operations that are being carried out in surrounding areas. Another advantage is the reduced manpower and hours it takes to get the job done. This reduces the level of risk for a particular task when compared with other traditional means of access and their associated risks. Using industrial abseiling methods allows our multi-skilled technicians to complete their work efficiently. This is a highly effective method to use as it removes the need for scaffolding, cranes, lifts as well as the need for permits for walkways. Our equipment dismantles quickly compared to traditional forms of access, offering fewer disruptions on the site ensuring the work is completed efficiently.

The main goal when using rope access methods is to ensure the work is completed in an efficient way with no unnecessary occurrences. In order to make sure there are no damages caused to the property, a thorough building inspection is conducted first. You will receive information on the impact of the outer appearance, the state of the structural integrity of the building, and alerts to any public hazards there may be.
No matter how big or small the building is, our team will always apply the maximum safety work methods when handling each and every job.

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At Max Access we strive to provide exceptional industrial rope access, height safety, and complex access solutions with the construction, commercial, and maintenance sectors. For all your inquiries head to our website and request FREE a quote.

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