Many businesses can benefit from a rope access building inspection. This method ensures you’re receiving a thorough report on the state of the structural integrity of the building, the outer appearance, and potential hazards there may be. Rope access inspections are an unobtrusive way of getting the most in-depth building report.
Unlike inspections that are carried out using scaffolding, rope access will eliminate the disruptions associated with traditional dated equipment. Using scaffolding requires much more manpower and can increase the risk of hazards associated with scaffolding.

At Max Access, we’re able to reach those hard-to-reach places that require attention. We have an uncompromising approach when it comes to inspections to make sure every detail of the building is assessed. Our specialists work alongside rope access Building and Structural Engineers who have the industry experience to assess a wide range of high-rise buildings. Once the inspection has been carried out, there is a fast turnaround time and clients can expect to receive the building report a few days after. Due to our efficiency and low cost associated with rope access, this is a popular service amongst our clients.

Any problem areas that are out of warranty on your building can be inspected. Some concerning areas include:


Concrete cancer occurs when the steel reinforcing a slab of concrete starts to rust. Once this happens it begins to expand which moves the concrete surrounding it causing it to crack. Signs that your building may be affected by concrete cancer include rust stains, leaks that occur in concrete surfaces and plating of concrete renders. Concrete cancer not only looks bad, but it can also be dangerous. If this is left exposed to the elements, pieces of concrete will start to erode and fall from the building. If you suspect that your building has concrete cancer, it’s important to have this inspected right away.


We can investigate the issues caused by water damage. Our inspection access expertise can locate the problem area causing the water leaks from the external facade and supply a long-lasting solution.


Glazing can often begin to crack and fall off. This will need to be restored to any damaged windows. Our professional rope access glazing is efficient and inexpensive. Old windows are often uninsulated and can create an increase in your building’s electricity bills each month. We recommend our window frame restoration services for older windows. Our experienced team saves you money in the long-term and will make sure your building looks presentable from the exterior.


We ensure our specialist team of technicians will be able to assess the requirements of your home or commercial building. Exposure to the elements and general wear can contribute to any aesthetic and structural problems of the building. Covering over these issues can create further problems. At Max Access we pay close attention to the underlying hidden structural issues which need attention.

If you are looking for a thorough building inspection and an extensive report Max Access is here to help. Click  here to request a quote.

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