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The Benefits Of Rope Access

Rope access offers many benefits for your business needs. At Max Access we confidently bring expertise and professionalism to all elements of rope access. Here we explain the benefits of using this for your business.

What is Industrial Rope Access? 

Rope access has a variety of benefits and advantages over other traditional access equipment. Industrial rope access is a safe procedure when working from any height.  Ropes and other highly rated and tested equipment are used to ensure workers have accessibility to the work location for optimum work positioning. Rope access produces the best results when carrying out any job that involves heights. 


Rope access is known for its excellent safety record when it comes to working from great heights. At Max Access we work to IRATA standards which is arguably the highest standard of Rope Access world-wide. We have exceptional safety standards with our highly experienced technicians. Our team will always apply the maximum safety work methods when handling each and every project. 


Industrial rope access also determines the speed at which workers can get to site locations. Using the correct rope access methods allows our multi-skilled technicians to fulfill their work efficiently without impacting other jobs or trades working simultaneously. Using industrial rope access rather than traditional access techniques reduces the overall man power needed and hours to get the job done. Our equipment also dismantles quickly in comparison to older access methods. This offers less disruptions on the site resulting in faster completion of the work. 

Where Can Rope Access Be Used? 

Industrial rope access is used across a wide range of industries and places. 

Modern inner city designs are becoming more complex in architecture and are soaring to new heights that we’ve never seen before. Max Access is fully qualified with the essential knowledge of Melbourne Metro structures and buildings which allows us to take on the most complex jobs and to execute the required work with confidence. As Melbourne’s city skyline expands and the outer metro areas grow, so do our technicians as they adapt and evolve to broaden their skills and knowledge.

No Disruptions

One of the main benefits of rope access is the non invasive nature of this equipment. The set-up-and-go process combined with lack of scaffolding or machinery, ensures little to no disruption will occur while undertaking your project. Our technicians will be out of sight while completing the work. This allows your business and staff to continue to work during this time. The ease and the light weight of rope access reduces any risk of damaging the outside of your building. By using this method you are able to eliminate any unwanted scaffolding that would change the appeal of the building.

Cost Effective

With less equipment being used, it means there is less man power and set up time required. This brings the cost down lower than other traditional methods of access. There is also an increase in productivity from the efficiency and speed that rope access brings to a job.  

Here to Help

At Max Access we strive to provide exceptional industrial rope access, height safety and complex access solutions with the construction, commercial and maintenance sectors. For all your enquiries head to our website and request a FREE quote.

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