Why Is Rope Access Painting Needed? 

There are a number of reasons that can contribute to your building needing to be restored to its original condition no matter how high or small, including wild weather that can chip away at the paint job, leaving the structure of the building exposed. Not only does this look unprofessional, but it also risks your building being exposed to structural damages. The paint and coating of a property creates an added layer of protection against the natural elements that contribute to maintaining the building. Another reason a facade needs to be restored is due to graffiti. This can cause your business to look unprofessional and can stop you from getting new business. Graffiti can be challenging to remove through traditional methods however, our rope technicians can easily access the most challenging parts of the building. These undesired marks will be removed quickly and efficiently in a method that is both safe and reliable, ensuring you can enjoy your restored property as quickly as possible. 

Traditional Painting Methods Vs Rope Access Painting  

Painting at heights can be a challenging task. Even with equipment such as scaffolding, there are associated risks involved. Traditional methods of access almost always require a permit. This causes delays in the time it will take your job to be completed. Rope access offers a safe solution when it comes to industrial and facade painting. With less equipment being used, it means there is less manpower and set up time required. This means it’s not only the safer solution, but it also brings the cost down for clients more so than traditional painting methods. There is also an increase in productivity from the efficiency and speed that a trained rope access painter will bring. Rope access technicians can offer you a thorough facade painting service to complete the look of your building as they can access the even hardest to reach places.

Why Max Access?  

At Max Access, we are fully equipped to handle each unique painting and restoration project no matter the scale. Stop living or working in a building that is looking tired and worn out. Our experienced technicians will reach the most challenging parts of a building and restore it to its original condition. We have the skill and experience to rectify the problem in a fast and efficient way, saving you time and money. For all your inquiries on how to get the exterior of your building looking great again head to our request a quote page online and request a FREE quote.

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