Rope access provides a wide range of advantages for your business and building needs. There are many services Max Access can provide you with through access by rope including industrial abseiling, caulking, high rise window cleaning, rope access painting and building inspections. Here we explain the benefits of using each of these services for your business.

Industrial Abseiling

Industrial abseiling techniques ensure our Max Access technicians can achieve their requirements effectively. Using industrial abseiling means there is no need for the use of scaffolding or cranes which removes the need for permits for the surrounding areas, making this the most cost-effective solution. The lack of heavy equipment and machinery means less manpower is needed on the site, not only saving money but also the amount of time it takes to set up. The industrial abseiling equipment used dismantles quickly compared to other dated access methods ensuring there are minimal disruptions while they complete the job efficiently. 


Max Access supplies the most effective type of caulking to put a stop to any water damage or leakage. We suggest caulking your property once a year to fix any problems, including cracks or expanding gaps in the building. If the structure isn’t sealed properly you risk water leaks that can harm the structure of the property. Caulking will prevent any damages to valuable equipment and supplies kept in the building. Caulking will also maintain the value of your property, as it will prolong its structural integrity and maintain the look of the building.

Highrise Window Cleaning

At Max Access we specialise in cleaning the difficult to access areas of high-rise buildings, businesses, apartments, and a range of other sites. Our high rise window cleaning specialists are trained and experienced to scale your building efficiently, leaving you with an impressive result. Our cleaners will abseil from the top of the building down to create pristine and clean windows as they go.

Rope Access Painting

We offer care and efficiency to each client as our expert specialists paint your roof using minimal equipment as they complete the look of your property. Each specialist will confidently complete each project from smaller-scale projects right through to full facade restorations. Our team is able to paint even the most difficult to reach places of the building, restoring facades back to their original state.

Building Inspection

There are many benefits to having a rope access building inspection. Unlike traditional inspections that are carried out using scaffolds, our team has the ability to reach the most difficult places that often require attention. At Max Accesses, our building inspection specialists have an eye for detail and an uncompromising approach when it comes to thorough inspections. 

Our team has the experience to assess any high-rise maintenance issues. Each client can expect an efficient turnaround time, receiving the report a few days after the inspection has been completed. With our team’s attention to detail combined with a quick turnaround time of inspection reports, means no time is wasted and eliminates additional client costs.

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